Young Professional Internship/Study Program

Abroad China's Young Professional Internship Program offers interns a unique opportunity to gain invaluable work experience in the world's fastest growing economy. Moreover, interns in China will gain insight and understanding into a very unique and dynamic culture. The Young Professional program is designed to remove all of the uncertainties associated with overseas internships and moving abroad so that interns can focus on cultural and business experiences. This program is an excellent way for college students or recent college graduates to build up their resume with international work experience.


  • Applicant must have obtained or currently be pursuing an undergraduate degree (BA/BS or equivalent) at an accredited institution
  • Applicant must be a native English speaker or illustrate fluency
  • Chinese Language ability is NOT a requirement

YP program participants will receive a local salary commensurate with their skills, abilities and local job conditions and salary levels. The salary can vary according to qualifications of the applicant and duration of the internship (longer internships are beneficial in negotiating monthly compensation). Participants must work 5 days per week in order to qualify for local salary. For more information regarding the internships themselves, please see examples of past internship.

** Apartment Search and Accomodations
Accommodation costs are NOT included in this program package.
Interns will be placed in a hotel until a suitable apartment can be located. The first three nights of this hotel are covered by the program fee. 
Based on the criteria provided (budget, location, style, duration, etc.), Abroad China's team will identify up to 4 potential apartments. An Abroad China team member will accompany the intern to view these apartments and will assist in negotiating and signing the lease. If the participant is not satisfied with the 4 choices, they are able to continue the apartment search on their own; Abroad China's staff will help negotiate the lease for any apartment found.

*** Language Study Option
Language study fees are NOT included in the program fee.
Abroad China will assist the intern in finding a suitable language school based upon needs; language study fees are paid by the participant directly to the language school.
We encourage applicants who do not speak Chinese to utilize the study option, as English is not widely spoken even in major cities in China, and learning the local language can make daily life easier and more fulfilling. With both one-on-one and group classes, participants can enroll in beginner, intermediate or advanced classes depending upon their level. Those students who have some Chinese ability will be given a placement test before being assigned to a class. 
Hourly rates and minimum amount of class hours depend on Chinese level of the applicant. For beginner to advanced levels, rates can range from $20-$25 per hour, with minimum requirement of 60-90 hours of class, respectively. Since a placement test will determine hourly rate and minimum required hours, class schedules will be determined upon arrival. Abroad China will assist each interested applicant with the enrollment process. Participants will pay the cost of their classes directly to the language institute upon arrival and enrollment.​

To apply, please contact Janet Zhou at: jzhou@abroadchina.net for details

Program Duration and Dates
This program offers flexibility in regards to program length and time. With rolling enrollment, people can apply to come at anytime throughout the year, with the exception of Chinese holidays. (Holidays are during the 1st week of February, May, and October.) Applicants can also choose the duration of their program. Participants can come for as short as three months, as long as a year, or any length of time in between.

Internship Location
The intern will have the choice of interning in either Beijing or Shanghai.

​Program Fee

​Program Summary
This program is designed for participants that have recently graduated or nearly finished with university and would like to gain overseas work experience. The intern will be placed in a multi-national or domestic company working in one of three fields indicated by the participant. Participants in the Young Professional Internship Program can begin their internship at any time during the year.

​Prices are subject to change without notice as a result of fluctuations in exchange rate.

Application Deadline
Open Enrollment – must be more than 45 days prior to planned departure date, however it is best to apply at least 90 days prior to the planned departure date. This will give the placement staff in each city time to find a suitable internship opportunity.