The young professional program is designed for current college students or college graduates looking to work in China for more than two months. The program is designed to remove all the uncertainties involved in moving and living overseas. In addition to the internship and other services offered, Abroad China can help to arrange language classes as well. For more details about the program, visit the Young Professional Program tab.

Internship Programs

An internship in China is a life changing opportunity, exposing individuals to a business environment and a culture far different from their own. However, it is important to understand that it is not JUST about the internship, but the overall experience of working and living in a foreign country; gaining exposure and being placed in situations that build character and skills that are useful in any future job. 
Why is it important to go through a company like Abroad China for an internship? Unlike the United States and many western countries, internships are not as abundant in China, and many that are available are given to local university students.? Abroad China takes the frustration out of finding your own international internship and provides all of the support services one needs when.

Abroad China places each intern on an individual basis, based on the intern's field of interest and qualifications. For complete details regarding the internship placement process and program process, click here.