Internships are found for program participants on an individual basis in order to best meet each person's requirements. Below are examples of various job descriptions of internships found for past program participants.
It is important to remember that the actual internship will vary based upon the intern's skills, abilities, experience and the local job market at the time. It is also important to remember that having an internship in China is more than just the job; it is about the overall experience of working and living overseas and interacting with individuals from different cultures on a level that is impossible when studying abroad or traveling. 

Job Descriptions

Industry :IT
Internship Position: Assistant to Project Manager
Job Description:
1. Assist the project manager by performing various ad hoc duties and functions. 
2. Assist the project manager to in communicating with special clients by E-mails, telephone, fax, and video meetings.
3. Assist the members of the project group to gain a further understanding of western culture and international communication and thinking patterns.

Internship Position: Software Development Intern
Job Description:
1. Testing software products
2. Help with documenting test procedures and test cases
3. Help with document reviews
4. Participate in group seminar and discussion
5. There may be additional assignments based on the candidate's experience and ability

Industry :IT
Internship Position: Assistant Application Engineer
Job Description:
1. Work with other software developers to provide high quality software modules for next generation DTV chipset in close collaboration with other application labs in France and various other countries. 
2. Work on projects that will involve market research and study, including new product definition and user behavior analysis.
3. Other tasks include:
        a. Study and define application requirement and specifications for DTV firmware
        b. Design and develop components in DTV firmware
        c. Perform application module testing planning and quality assurance
        d. Help project release to the customers

Industry :Marketing 
Internship Position: Brand Consultant
Job Description:
1. Research and interpretation of brand related research / insights across various industries in China
2. Design of PowerPoint documents in support of brand management related projects/proposals
3. Support of small scale field research projects/interviews
4. Support of networking activities
5. Support of administrative processes

Industry :Marketing 
Internship Position: Research Analyst
Job Description:
Assist with the execution of marketing research studies by compiling, analyzing, and interpreting marketing research data, writing client reports, and creating presentations. 
Responsibilities Include:
1. Participate in research proposal and design 
2. Review data for errors and inconsistencies
3. Summarize data in tables, charts, and graphs
4. Runs forecasting models
5. Analyzes in-market data
6. Analyzes study results
7. Prepares initial client correspondence 
8. Attends client meetings and presentations 

Industry :Marketing
Internship Position: Marketing Specialist (corporate training) 
Job Description:
The main function is to assist marketing manager and customer relationship manager in achieving their goals.
Responsibility includes:
a. Event organizing
b. Develop and implement branding strategy
c. Customer relationship management

Industry :Marketing
Internship Position: Marketing Intern (property management)
Job Description:
Assisting in the research department with general duties with a focus on commercial property research. Specifically assisting in:
a. Commercial property data collection 
b. Report and presentation preparation
c. Analysis of data
d. Preparation of written narrative on market trends

Industry :Marketing (Cosmetic and Skincare Industry)
Internship Position: Product Development Intern
Job Description:
1. New product development assignment on Revlon hair color including: 
        a. Market research
        b. Competitive range review 
        c. Packaging development 
        d. Coordination with Operations team.
2. Involvement in cosmetics and skincare marketing activities such as:
        a. Market research
        b. Packaging development
        c. Range reviews
        d. Preparation of promotion materials
        e. Pricing decisions
        f. Merchandising.

Industry :Business Development
Internship Position: Business Development Assistant (accounting and tax service)
Job Description:
1. Represent and promote the company by attending all American Chamber of Commerce networking events.
2. Assist Business Development Manager in sales and client development. 
3. Writing and editing business reports to assist the Chinese staff members.
4. Cross train with the local Chinese staff

Industry :Business Development 
Internship Position: Business Development Assistant
Job Description:
1. Entry level position assisting Business Development Manager and CEO in the development of new business
2. Development and editing of external English documents, including blog articles, proposals , marketing materials and investment related materials
3. Develop client relationships and assist in industry networking
4. Lead occasional internal communication training sessions
5. Communicating the entire project process to clients. 

Industry :Consulting 
Internship Position: Assistant Consultant
Job Description:
1. Support the management consultant team.
2. Conduct market research and technologic search.
3. Support the day-to-day operations of various projects.

Industry :Consulting
Internship Position: Consultant Assistant
Job Description:
1. Provide input and assist with various consulting projects.
2. Draft, modify and review documents, which include but are not limited to project proposals, presentations and website layout.
3. Assist in performing various ad hoc duties as requested by the supervisor. 

Industry :Legal
Internship Position: Legal Intern
Job Description:
1. New Business Initiatives - Assist in the identification and implementation of new cross-functional initiatives
2. Education - Provide management and staff the necessary education and training to strategically manage and incorporate technology to effectively improve business performance and services
3. Responsible for maintaining the computing needs for the human resource and financial areas

Industry :Legal
Internship Position: Intern in Intellectual Property Rights Department
Job Description:
1. Select and compile the intellectual property law of foreign countries such as various patent law, trademark law and copyright law.
2. Develop business relationships with law firms in foreign countries.
3. Edit and proof read legal documents.
4. Assist in client relations.

Industry :Legal
Internship Position: Legal Consultant Associate (investment advisory)
Job Description:
1. To assist company's legal consultant in the following function areas:
2. Offer Clients legal advisory services in overseas investment, M&A, company registration and related issues
3. Draft/check various business contracts 
4. Participate in business negotiations
5. Be responsible for corporate compliance or other law related issues

Industry :Public Relations
Internship Position: Project Assistant
Job Description:
1. Edit and revise of projects reports and publications.
2. Attend public relationship activities.
3. Attend the 2008 Olympics Training Program organized by the company.

Industry :Manufacturing
Internship Position: Intern
Job Description:
1. Anticipate corporate level strategic projects covering entire greater China area.
2. Assist in researching key economic information in China's retail sector.
3. Anticipate public event planning & executions
4. Assist in internal editorial publication.

Industry :Manufacturing & Engineering 
Internship Position: Business Operation Intern
Job Description:
The internship will cover a wide range of activities while the company realigns its operative organization:
Main Tasks are:
1. Support directly the Management Office to evaluate and consolidate a possible relocation of production facilities. 
2. Support the optimization of business processes and the reorganization of operative processes in industrial output.
3. SMEC Webpage maintenance.

Industry :Engineering 
Internship Position: Product Development Intern (Industrial Prodcucts)
Job Description:
1. The intern will work closely with the company's engineers on various aspects of product development such as mechanical design, tooling design and vendor management.
2. Responsible for accurate data base recording with respect to drawings, BOM, design proposals, calculations and related technical documentation.
3. Create and check product's 2D and 3D mechanical drawings prior issuing to manufacturing.
4. Assist with Mechanical Engineer to ensures all drawings, bills of material, purchase requisitions, and quality checks are completed as per project schedule.
5. Assist with Mechanical Engineer to ensure that the products are built and operate in accordance with the design specifications.
6. Communicates with the project manager in a timely manner and support the project manger throughout the project.

Industry :Finance
Internship Position: Finance Consultant Associate (investment advisory)
Job Description:
Primary responsibilities are to assist company's finance consultant in the following function areas:
        a. Handling financial/tax enquiries. 
        b. Providing tax due diligence, tax planning, GAAP conversion.
        c. Providing internal auditing and accounting services.

Industry :NGO
Internship Position: Activity coordinator
Job Description:
1. Attend activities held by the organization, such as Children Forum, etc.
2. Coordinating volunteer activities.
3. Assist in finalizing project reports, financial reports, and articles to be published.

Industry :International Trade 
Internship Position: Trade and Business Development Intern
Job Description:
Intern will primarily be working with the trade and business development team. Interns are fully integrated into the company's workflow. The intern's role is dependent upon experience and eagerness to get involved. The intern must be able to follow ideas through, both on their own and within a team.
Main Tasks: 
Assisting senior trade executive to:
        a. Identify and develop the international trade business 
        b. Follow up the trade operation
        c. International contact
Assisting senior business development executive to:
        a. Promote the BIIP
        b. Identify and secure the potential client
        c. Complete the transaction