Abroad China is committed to providing individuals unique opportunities to better understand China. We are a service oriented company offering several programs, which include internship programs, volunteer programs and study tours. Through these programs Abroad China aims to bridge the cultural gap that exists between China and the West.

Internship and Study Programs​

 In today's global economy, international internships are becoming more important in the development of one's resume. Even more important than the internship is the real life exposure to a different culture and being able to experience firsthand the world's fastest growing economy. With Abroad China, it is more than just an internship; it is a life changing experience!
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    In the past years, we have provided our internship programs to over thousands of college students from hundreds of universities all over the world, here is a partial list of school names.
    For the school list of Abroad China former participants, please click on the button.

Volunteer Programs

  Conservation projects are designed to broaden awareness of environmental issues worldwide and to introduce people to the challenges of balancing human needs with the need to conserve biological diversity.
Abroad China offers the Panda Conservation Program.

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Study Tour Program

​  Abroad China has over six years of experience in developing various study tours for universities and educational groups in China. We offer two types of study tours; the first is the General Study Tour and the second is the MBA Study Tour, with its unique Company Project option. All of our study tours are individually tailored based on the needs of the university and the group. For more information regarding Abroad China's Study Tours, please go to the Study Tour tab.

This short-term study program offers academic credits to students through Chinese universities. This program provides an effective platform to enhance students’ Chinese communicative competence and understanding of the Chinese culture through the language, culture courses and travel. The program also offers supplements to learning in the classroom through weekend tours to various cultural sites, seminars, social networking events, and interaction with local students.